Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management

Community awareness camps on menstrual health and hygiene management are conducted to educate menstruators, build social support and create period friendly spaces. The initiative enable community members to learn more about menstrual hygiene management and support school-aged girls in developing personal Menstrual Hygiene Management methods that keeps them engaged in school. Bust the myths is also a part of awareness camps where discussions are held to bust the age old myths associated with menstruation. Women do not want to be teased or subject to restrictions and taboos while menstruating. Peer groups are made where girls talk and exchange experiences which provide support to help break down barriers. Reusable sanitary napkins are introduced which are eco-friendly, cost effective and user friendly and help them in a long run.

 Community village volunteers (Young passionate females) are capacitated to conduct awareness sessions at community level. They reach out to every menstruator in their respective villages and along with other menstruators of their villages they engage with community members and create a friendly eco-system by building social-support.

As a result of increased community engagement and understanding of best practices for menstrual hygiene, this program will spur a cultural shift rooted in supporting school-aged girls throughout their menstrual cycles. They become enough confident and ready to seek further education and the management practices best suited to them as individuals. It does not only create a society with informed women leaders but also create safe spaces for younger generations.