Sky Public Library

In a devastating double blow, first the clampdown and second the lockdown, educational sector has been the worst hit. Schools and colleges barely functioned for few days from 2008 and especially in between 2019 to 2020. Further shocks were received during the pandemic that put educational sector really in endanger. It’s obvious that the educational rate in most marginalized areas remain quite low due to poverty and non-availability of resources and unawareness of parents regarding the importance of education. Children who are stuck at homes with no access to basic educational facilities suffer most. There are no spaces except schools these children come together and share their experiences and seek solutions to the issues they face in their daily lives. It is in this regard Sky Trust established the Sky Public Library, a physical space where young people come together and interact. Sky Public Library acts as an exchange platform where students donate their previous class books and other materials and are provided to students in need.   It promotes literacy and provides a wide range of reading material for students. It also helps in improving social relations and provides a safe learning sharing space for young people.

Awareness Program in schools

5 Awareness events organised in 5 schools of district Baramulla and Bandipora to aware parents and students about the importance of education. 500 students and parents were made aware. 9 dropouts readmitted in schools and are continuing their education

Privilege Fellowship program

Stand for Kashmiri YouthTrust  in collaboration with Lex Foundation has started a new chapter in J&K to implement  project “Privilege Fellowship Program” commended in 2021.

Privilege Fellowship program is aimed at uplifting the girls from humble background by empowering them with higher education, Privilege Fellowship Project supports the underprivileged girls with fund for their higher education, personality development training and focused mentorship by professional with industrial experience for choosen career options.

Sky Public Library

To promote education among underprivileged students Sky Public Library was established. It is located in district Baramulla. We received more than 1000 books as donation and were able to support 44 students till March 2022

Interaction Program

An interaction program for children group named as Bachpan Bachawo Bal Panchayat promoted by SOS children’s villages (NGO) was organised to provide an opportunity for an exchange of expertise and experiences about initiatives. This interaction also highlighted some inspiring success stories of children and youth